You can buy H-beams in our company’s warehouses in Almaty, Aktau and Atyrau and in our online store with their further delivery. Delivery of H-beams is available by rail and road. Choose from a wide range of H-beams, which you can find on our website. You can also buy H-beams at affordable prices both wholesale and retail with further delivery throughout Almaty and the region, just add the articles you need to the cart and send the order application to our managers, or choose the right size of the beam, specify the number of beams and send the order application or pay your order in our online store. Furthermore, you can make an advance payment and book the required articles in our warehouses in Almaty, Aktau and Atyrau.

You can buy H-beams in Almaty in our warehouses wholesale and retail and on our website with their further delivery.

двутавровые балки

Shaped sections: H-beams

Steel (metal) beam is used as an intermediate slab in the construction industry for the construction of house frames, massive column metal structures, bridges, supports, overhead runways. Special sections are widely used in the mining, automotive, rail-car building and metal industries. Beams are mainly used for the manufacture of metal structures of various purpose to ensure the strength of the structure and its ability to withstand design loads without destruction. H-beam reduces construction costs by up to 30%.

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H-beam drawing legend:

h — H-beam height (H-beam height size). b — width of the H-beam flange, width of faces or width of beam flange of the H-beam (H-flanges). s — wall thickness of the H-beam. t — average thickness of the H-beam flange. The distance from the end of the flange to the point to which the value of the average thickness is linked is calculated by the formula: b-s/4. R — radius of the H-beam inner rounding. r — radius of the H-beam’s flange rounding. Each number of the H-beam corresponds to the exact value of the flange rounding radius. Range of H-beam sizes — The cross-section of the H-beam should correspond to the cross-section specified in the drawing. In such a way, the size range sets the uniform standard shape of H-beams. Nominal sizes of H-beams should correspond to those given in the table of H-beam sizes. The same applies to the cross-sectional area, weight or mass of the H-beam running meter and its physical characteristics, which are given for H-beam axes X-X and Y-Y. The accuracy of H-beams can be of two types. They are: H-beams of high accuracy - B, and H-beams of conventional accuracy - V.