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Reinforcing bars А3 of die-rolled section under GOST 5781-82, 35 GS and А500S

Reinforcing bar АIII is a steel section with a circular cross-section and a corrugated surface. The market currently offers the following main steel grades and classes of reinforcing bars of die-rolled section: - class AIII (A400) of steel grade 35GS under GOST 5781-82; - reinforced construction bars of classes A400S and A 500S, which are manufactured under TS 14-1-5580-2009 (technical specifications) with the use of steel grades St3SP, St5SP, St3PS, St5PS.

You can buy reinforcing bars (A3, A1, 35GS, A500S) in our warehouses wholesale and retail with their further delivery.

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Reinforcing bar 35GS is a metal rod with transverse projections uniformly located on its surface at an angle with the longitudinal axis of the rod. Reinforcing bars 35GS are designed to ensure hardness and higher adhesion with concrete and to reinforce the road surface. Steel 35GS is a structural low-alloyed steel for welded structures. Construction reinforcing bars of class 35GS have a very extensive scope of application. High quality and availability of the bars make them perfect items to use in all industrial and construction fields, if it is provided for by the design documentation. Manufacture and application of reinforcing bars AIII made of steel 35GS. Reinforcing bars 35GS are manufactured in accordance with GOST 5781-82 using the structural low-alloyed steel: 35GS with addition of alloying elements. Manganese and silicon are used as alloying elements for steel 35GS. This steel makes it possible to use reinforcing bars 35GS in critical elements of reinforced concrete structures, including pre-stressed ones, which are restricted to be welded according to some standards.

Reinforcing bars A500S are manufactured using steel grade 3 and are additionally subjected to thermal strengthening, which provides a higher class of strength. Most European countries have completely switched over to steel reinforcing bars with a yield point of ≥ 500 N/mm² in conventional concrete. According to foreign data, the use of construction reinforcing bars A500 instead of A400 provides up to 10% and more savings of steel in construction. Specifications and useful information Hot-rolled steel for the reinforcing of reinforced concrete structures or simply reinforcing bars A500S are available in coils and rods and must comply with GOST R 52544-2006, STO ASChM 7-93 (Industry-Specific Standard of Ferrous Metallurgy Association), TS 14-1-5254-94, TS 14-1-5580-2009 (technical specifications). The correct name as provided by standard STO ASChM 7-93 is the reinforcing steel rolled product of die-rolled section. Depending on the mechanical properties and the “pattern” of the die-rolled section, reinforcing bars are subdivided into classes AII (A300), AIII (A400), AIV (A600) and AV (A800). Moreover, reinforcing bars of class A500S, which have no analogues in accordance with GOST 5781-82 and therefore produced by manufacturers in accordance with technical specifications (hereinafter - TS) or STO ASChM 7-93, which is the standard of the Association of Ferrous Products Standardization Enterprises, have been widely used in recent years. As the name implies, reinforcing bars A500S are generally used for reinforcing concrete structures and products. However, sometimes reinforcing bars of die-rolled section are used to manufacture some metal products and metal structures coated or uncoated: steel fire escapes, fences, floor, window and door grates. In such a way, die-rolled sections perform a decorative and anti-slip function (stairs, floor grates).