You can buy wire rod in our company’s warehouses in Almaty, Aktau and Atyrau and in our online store with its further delivery. Delivery of drawn, coiled wire rod and rolled metal products is available by rail and road. Choose from a wide range of wire rod, which you can find on our website. You can also buy wire rod at affordable prices both wholesale and retail with further delivery throughout Almaty and the region, just add the artilces you need to the cart and send the order application to our managers, or choose the right diameter of the wire rod (wire), specify the required number and send the order application or pay your order in our online store. Furthermore, you can make an advance payment and book the required articles in our warehouses in Almaty, Aktau and Atyrau.


You can buy wire rod in Almaty in our warehouses wholesale and retail and on our website with its further delivery.

Metal wire rod

Wire rod (steel wire) is a hot-rolled metal product with a circular cross-section and a diameter of up to 10 mm inclusive. Wire rod is available in coils consisting of one piece of wire.

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Steel wire rod

Wire rod is used for wire drawing, packaging, production of welding wire, electrodes, construction ropes, telegraph wire, and is used as a reinforcing element in reinforced concrete structures, etc. Carbon steel of all deoxidation degrees is used for the production of wire rod: ST0, ST1, ST2, ST3. Wire rod is widely used in the manufacture of metal net and gratings, and as a construction reinforcement element. Wire rod is used for wire drawing. The wire rod of small diameter is applied for packing various goods, production of welding wire and electrodes, construction ropes and for many other purposes. Steel wire rod is part of wires and cables, a material for various metal products and structures. Galvanized wire rod is used for electrical wiring works. Wire rod is a form of viscous material (mainly metal) in the form of a rod with a 5-10 mm diameter, manufactured by hot rolling, using a special wire rolling mill. It is used as a raw material for the subsequent production of wire and concrete reinforcement bars. Steel wire rods are manufactured as follows: a preheated billet is rolled through the rolling mill’s shafts, which crimp the billet and form a wire of the required diameter. The finished wire rod is then laid in the form of the ring for further cooling. Such method of manufacture is called hot rolling, and the wire rod is called a hot-rolled wire. Prices for wire rod depend on its diameter and steel grade. Due to complex production processes, the most expensive wire rod is a 5-mm rod, and the least expensive is a 8-mm rod. Adding the alloying elements (manganese) improves the chemical and mechanical properties of the product. Steel wire rod is used for the manufacture of reinforcement bars, mesh and for the reinforcement of reinforced concrete products.