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проволока стальная

Types of wire – There are two types of wire: WR and OQ. The latter means that the product is of standard quality. Such material is used for industrial purposes. WR-wire, in turn, is divided into two types: 1 and 2. WR-1 is a cold-drawn wire made of low-carbon steel. WR-2 is a cold-drawn wire, but made of carbon steel. WR-2 is intended for the reinforcement of pre-stressed concrete structures. Each of them is manufactured in accordance with GOST.

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OQ-wire: OQ is a low-carbon steel wire of general use. This type of wire is manufactured in accordance with GOST 3282 - 74. The letters OQ or OK are an abbreviation and mean “Ordinary Quality”. Iron rod is used as a raw material for the production of this wire. It is this semi-finished product that is used to manufacture the OQ-wire, using the method of continuous drawing. This type of wire with a small diameter (up to 10 mm) has a circular cross-section and is intended mainly for its further processing to manufacture various metal goods. The wire is also used as a bonding material, for example, for coils of rolled metal products. Such wire is often used to manufacture various types of wire-mesh fencing. OQ-wire has its variations. One of these variations is crude wire, which is usually referred to as c/w. This type of wire is characterized by high ultimate tensile strength and high ductility. The following argument can be given as an example. The c/w with a diameter of 0.5 mm to 6.0 mm is capable of withstanding at least 4 bends without visible destruction. WR-wire WR-wire manufactured under GOST 6727-80 is a wire of a die-rolled section, which is used for knitting reinforcing bars in frames for concreting at various construction sites. The reinforcement wire is made of cold-drawn low-carbon steel wire rod and must comply with GOST 7348. Intended use: The reinforcement wire belongs to wires of general use and is used in reinforced concrete products, as well as for the reinforcement and production of brick walls, when concreting foundations and ceilings. Such wire is used to reinforce road surfaces, parts of concrete fences during plastering. This wire is also involved in the manufacture of fabricated frames of metal structures with the help of contact spot welding.