You can buy corrugated sheets in our company’s warehouses in Almaty, Aktau and Atyrau and in our online store of rolled metal products with their further delivery. Delivery of corrugated sheets and rolled metal products is available by rail and road. Choose from a wide range of corrugated sheets, which you can find on our website. You can also buy corrugated sheets in Almaty at affordable prices both wholesale and retail with further delivery throughout the city and the region, just add the articles you need to the cart and send the order application to our managers, or choose the right size of the corrugated sheet, specify the number of sheets and pay your order in our online store. Furthermore, you can make an advance payment and book the required articles in our warehouses in Almaty, Aktau and Atyrau.

профнастил сталной

Corrugated sheet is a material manufactured by cold rolling (cold-rolled steel) with the use of high-quality shaped-rollers that skillfully process the metal and coated with various anti-corrosion coatings. It is rib stiffeners that determine the transversal profile of the sheet (therefore, it is sometimes called “profiled sheet”). So far, corrugated sheet is a construction material, which is functional, durable and very useful. Corrugated sheets are defined as galvanized steel sheets having a shape of ridges (like a trapezoid) or waves (along the entire length). Thin-sheet galvanized steel (GOST 14918-80) is usually used for the manufacture of corrugated sheets. You can buy corrugated sheets in our warehouses wholesale and retail with their further delivery. Delivery is available by rail and road on a contractual basis, directly to the point of destination specified by the customer (client).

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Fences and various partitions, wall finishing and facade lining is not a complete list of applications where corrugated sheets are used. The sheets are used in both the construction of household buildings and temporary houses and large industrial, manufacturing and trade facilities. They are easy to mount. A significant advantage of this material is simple and quite easy installation. Even a person who understands nothing in construction can erect, for example, a simple fence made of corrugated sheets for his summer house in the shortest possible time and almost having no tools. Our manager will help calculate the number of corrugated sheets you need to buy. Corrugated sheet is the most abrasion resistant material as compared with other roofing materials. The sheets are characterized by the best utilization qualities: corrosion resistant, resistant to strong mechanical loads, resistant to deformation under temperature drops. Corrugated sheets almost do not fade in the sun. Generally, manufacturers provide a 5-year guarantee, but the lifetime in fact may reach even 50 years. Corrugated sheets are lightweight materials. This is important for the following two reasons: firstly, the corrugated roofing reduces the load on structural bearing elements, while preserving the strength, and, secondly, due to the low weight of the sheets their transportation and loading become much easier at a construction site. Corrugated sheets are a perfect material for an architect or designer. It is calculated that corrugated sheets save funds (up to 20%). After all, this amount of the total construction budget can be saved. As compared with other construction materials, the price for corrugated sheets stably remains low and affordable. Moreover, you should bear in mind the low-cost installation resulting in good savings.