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You can buy round bars in Almaty in our warehouses wholesale and retail and on our website with their further delivery.

Hot-rolled steel round bars

Steel round bar is a type of bar section with a wide scope of application. It is a thickened rod with a round cross-section, which is used as an independent material or billet for the manufacture of metal products. Hot-rolled bar of round cross-section.

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Gauged round bars

Metal round bars are manufactured using different grades of steel and processing methods. In the process of rolling, a steel billet takes the form of a cylindrical rod of a certain size. The diameter of the finished round bar can be from 5 to 200 mm. Customized bars of non-standard size are manufactured with the cross-section width of up to 270–300 mm.

Steel round bars are divided into different types according to the following parameters:

This parameter implies that the material can be of fixed, multiple and random length. The size of the rod reaches 12 m, and the round wire - several tens of meters.

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Type of raw material Steel round bars are made of ordinary carbon steel, low-alloyed, alloyed, fast-machine, structural and other grades of steel. Accuracy This parameter suggests that metal rods can be of conventional, greater, high and especially high quality. Thin round bars (up to 9 mm) are supplied in coils, thicker ones - in rods. Hot-rolled round bars. This type of products is manufactured by hot rolling using the high-accuracy machines in accordance with GOST 2590-88. All available grades of steel are used as raw materials. First, a billet is heated to a certain temperature and then is molded with shafts and cooled. Such a round bar is most in demand in the construction industry. Gauged round bars. This type of bars is manufactured in accordance with GOST 7417-75 with preheating, molding on special machines and mandatory finishing treatment, which includes grinding and polishing. Such round bars have a smooth and shiny surface. They are most often used for the manufacture of high-precision parts and decorative elements. Constructional round bars. Constructional round bars are manufactured by hot rolling in accordance with GOST 10702-78. The main difference is the type of raw material, which is structural steel. This material gives special physical properties to the finished bar section. Such round bars are used for the manufacture of various structures operated in a complex environment.


Steel round bars are widely used in various industrial areas. This type of rolled metal product is most demanded for the manufacture of various structures: welded, spring, bolted, riveted and others. This material is also suitable for the following purposes: manufacture of parts for the automotive and engineering industry; reinforcement of concrete structures and other elements; manufacture of furniture accessories and fixings;